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Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Rectangular)

Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Rectangular)
Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Rectangular)
  • Rectangular wardrobe rail support are die cast for strength and long life.
  • Easy to fit and compatible with a special Ebco aluminium rectangular rail.
  • Available in Aluminium anodized.
Item Code NoSize(m)LengthsFinish 
Wardrobe Rail Fitting RectangularWRF - RR2 - AN10 x 30 mm2.44 mAN - Anodized Brown
WRF - RR - 3M - AN-3 m
WRF - RR3 - AN10 x 30 mm3.66 m
WRF - RR2 - BA10 x 30 mm2.44 mBA - Brushed Aluminium
WRF - RR - 3M - BA-3 m
WRF - RR3 - BA10 x 30 mm3.66 m 
Wardrobe Rail Fitting Rectangular BracketWRF - BR1 BR/ AC42 x 25 m  x Ø 4mm-BR- Brown /
AC - Anodized Champagne
  • Drill 2 holes on each internal side of wardrobe to fit brackets.
  • Holes should have sufficient clearance from the top inside surface.
  • Holes should be at equal height.