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At Ebco, we believe that we are living on time that is borrowed from future generations. Our manufacturing operations have been designed to have the least impact on the environment and leave the space we work in - better than when we first acquired it. This translates into a number of sustainability initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, solar power generation and use for manufacturing operations, waste management and recycling that spans water, bio-waste and e-waste. Along with the latest manufacturing technology, our plants are also home to large gardens with multiple species of flowering plants, fruit trees and an organic vegetable plantation.

Ebco is proud to be certified in ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS) which provides a systematic approach and framework to environmental management by implementing systems to make operations environmentally sustainable.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water is a critical natural resource. In India, with increasingly erratic monsoons, water becomes scarcer with each year that passes. Instead of increasing the burden on our community’s water system, our plant at Vasai houses a rain water harvesting system that stores 500,000 liters. The tank is housed out of sight under the front lawn.

The water stored in this facility is recycled, passes through our filtration and treatment plant and meets all our drinking water needs.


Solar Power Generation

India is fortunate to have bright sunshine for most of the year. Solar power is a revolutionary clean-energy source that is changing power generation across the country. Our three manufacturing plants at Vasai and Palghar are now equipped with Rooftop Solar panels. We currently generate approximately 500KW of power at three plants.

Waste Management and Recycling

We dispose of / recycle all forms of waste (solid, liquid and gas) in ways that do not harm the environment.

  • Composting and recycling of bio-waste:

    Composting is a controlled decomposition of organic matter into a soil conditioner and fertilizer. We recycle a 100% of all bio-waste generated at all three plants. Waste that is composted includes food scraps from our canteens, grass and tree clippings from our gardens, tea leaves, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant:

    An effluent treatment plant or ETP cleans industrial effluents and contaminated water in order to reuse the water for additional purposes. An ETP saves water, protects the environment by preventing harmful chemicals from being released into the ecosystem and makes our space safe for both our people and our neighbors. At our Vasai plant, all liquid waste is treated in an in-house ETP plant and recycled in toilets and processes.

  • Disposal of E-waste

    Electronic or 'e-waste' includes used and discarded or scrapped electronic items such as computers, mobile phones, batteries, electronic components such as chips, wires and cables, etc. Poor or incorrect processing of e-waste lead to adverse effects on human health and the environment as e-waste often contains potentially harmful materials such as lead, cadmium and beryllium. At Ebco, we minimize e-waste by re-using all electronic components up to the level that is safely possible. We measure the weight of e-waste that is generated each month and this is tracked over a yearly period. E-waste is then handed over to a registered e-waste processing and disposal company. These companies are government certified and have fixed annual e-waste recycling quotas.

  • Gaseous Emissions:

    All gaseous emissions are passed through scrubbers and then released after being well within permissible emission levels.


Factory Gardens 

We believe that industry and the environment can thrive simultaneously. Plants and trees improve the quality of our work-life by reducing pollution, screening out dust and noise, creating a beautiful space beyond the shop floor with colors, borders and much needed shade during the summer months. Our three plants have large factory gardens that are home to over 200 species of trees, flowering plants and shrubs.

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Plantation – Palghar