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Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Oval)

Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Oval)
Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Oval)
Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Oval)
Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Oval)
Wardrobe Rail Fittings (Oval)
  • These oval wardrobe rail supports are die cast for strength and long life.
  • Easy to fit and compatible with a special oval rail.
  • Wardrobe rails are available in S.S 304 polished and Aluminium Anodized.
  • Coat hooks are also available.
  • System 32 compatible.
  • Rail center supports are elegantly designed, manufactured out of Zinc alloy for strength and increasing the load bearing capacity of wardrobe rails.
  • Specially designed right angle connectors which mounts the oval rail on the ceiling of wardrobe and mounting screws remians concealed, thus enhance the look of the furniture.


Coat HookWRF-CHBLEach
Rail Centre SupportWRF-RS1NPEach
Wardrobe Rail FittingsWRF-RA-1-ACAC1m
Wardrobe Rail R.A.ConnectorWRF-RACBRSet of 2Pcs
  1. Drill 2 holes on each internal side of wardrobe.
  2. First hole should be 24mm from the top internal face of cabinet and center distance to be 32mm apart. (Refer fig. 1)
  3. Holes should be at equal height.
  4. To fit right angle connector drill two holes of Ø6.5mm on the desired position of the ceiling and fit the right angle connectors along with oval rails and M6 screws provided as shown in Fig 2.


ItemItem CodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Coat Hook WRF CH200 Nos1.31000 Nos7.00
Bracket WRF B1300 Nos61500 Nos.31.00
Bracket - MSWRF B2100 Sets3.3500 Nos.17.50
Rail Centre Support WRF-RS1100 Nos2.15500 Nos.11.56
 Rail WRF RSS 1--10 Mtrs6.4
WRF RSS 2--10 Mtrs12.
Rail WRF RA 1--10 Mtrs3.3
WRF RA 2--20 Mtrs6.6
WRF RA 3--36.60 Mtrs11.5
Wardrobe Rail ConnectorWRF RAC20 sets1.71180 Sets15.4