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Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slide (I) -35 Kgs

Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slide (I) -35 Kgs
Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slide (I) -35 Kgs
  • Precision telescopic slides.
  • Full extension of drawer.
  • Load capacity: STDS (I) 35=35Kgs.
  • Direct fitting from front.
  • Removable drawer with Latch
  • System 32 installation.
ModelCodeLength (mm)Extension (mm)Gap/Side (mm)Max. Load kgsFinish
Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slide - (I) 35STDS20-I-3520021012.7 to 13.035 kgsZinc White / Zinc Black
STDS50-I-35500510Zinc White / Zinc Black
STDS55-I-35550560Zinc White / Zinc Black
STDS60-I-35600610Zinc White / Zinc Black
STDS75-I-35750760Zinc White
  1. To install sleek telescopic drawer slide 12.7 to 13.0mm gap per side is required between cabinet and drawer. (Refer Fig. 1)
  2. Depress latch and remove the inner slide. (Refer Fig. 2)
  3. Fit outer (fixed) slide onto the inside of the cabinet, access to holes can be got through slots in intermediate slide.
  4. Slides should be fitted parallel and screws tightened fully to avoid gaps.
  5. Fit inner slide onto the outside of the drawer.
  6. Now slide the drawer with inner slide fitted on to the intermediate slides on the cabinet till the latch engages automatically.
Ebco Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slide I
Ebco Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slide I
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing(Kgs.)
QtyWeight QtyWeight 
Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slides - (I) 35STDS20-I-3510 Sets4.83240 Sets19.928
STDS25-I-3510 Sets6.04640 Sets24.752
STDS30-I-3510 Sets7.36640 Sets30.086
STDS35-I-3510 Sets8.6040 Sets35.186
STDS40-I-3510 Sets9.63430 Sets29.452
STDS45-I-3510 Sets10.90230 Sets33.298
STDS50-I-3510 Sets12.28420 Sets25.454
STDS55-I-3510 Sets13.62020 Sets28.132
STDS60-I-3510 Sets14.85220 Sets30.642
STDS75-I-3510 Sets18.56420 Sets37.842
STDS90-I-3510 Sets22.510 Sets23.18

For efficiency and durability,

  • Strictly maintain 12.7 to 13.0mm side gap.
  • Fit slides parallel and at equal heights.
  • Do not apply paint or polish.
  • Do not let saw dust enter into the slides.