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Pro-motion Drawer System 175 - Slim 2

Pro-motion Drawer System 175 - Slim 2
Pro-motion Drawer System 175 - Slim 2
  • Length/ depth: 300/350/400/450/500/550/500/600mm
  • The drawer side-board is 171mm high.
  • Drawer width can be designed freely with automatic error adjustment.
  • Hidden full pullout silencing sliding skid can bear 50kgs. and enjoys excellent stability and quite and smooth sliding performance.
  • Quick installation and dismantle.
  • Newly-designed built-in damper is free from reinstallation and ensures soft and smooth drawer movements.
ItemItem CodeSize (in mm)Finish
Pro-motion Drawer System 175-SLIM2PMDS3-30-S2175 x 300mm, 50KgWhite / Anthracite
PMDS3-35-S2175 x 350mm, 50Kg
PMDS3-40-S2175X400mm, 50Kg
PMDS3-45-S2175X450mm, 50Kg
PMDS3-50-S2175X500mm, 50Kg
PMDS3-55-S2175X550mm, 50Kg
PMDS3-60-S2175X600mm, 50Kg
Aluminium Fascia Rail for PMDS3 'S' SeriesPMDS3-FR2000 mm
Add-on Gallery (Pro-Motion 'Slim 2' Series)PMDS-G1-45-S2450 mm
PMDS-G1-50-S2500 mm
PMDS-G1-55-S2550 mm
PMDS-G1-60-S2600 mm
Aluminium Facia Panel for PMDS 'S2' SeriesPMDS-S2-FP1-AT/WH-
Glass Facia Panel for PMDS 'S2' Series - 45/60/90PMDS-S2-FG-45/60/90-1-
Facia Connector for PMDS1/2/3 'S2' SeriesPMDS1/2/3-S2-FC1-AT/WH-