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Plinth Fittings

Plinth Fittings
Plinth Fittings
  • Made of reinforced glass filled nylon.
  • Three models available with minimum shut height: 75mm, 105mm and 150mm.
  • Adjustment of height - 25mm.
  • Additional screw can be provided from below to prevent rotation.
  • Skirting clip with bracket to attach skirting boards to the front of pedestal units.
  • Load capability 150 Kgs each.
  • Finish - Black
  • Accessories for PVC Skirtings Kitchen Plinth and Accessories
ItemItem CodeMinimum Shut HeightRange mmFinish
Plinth Fitting(Without Screw)PF7575mm75 to 115Black
PF75-11575mm75 to 115Black
PF105105 mm105 to 130Black
PF95-15595mm95 to 155Black
PF150150mm150 to 175Black
Skirting Clip with BracketPFSCB1--Black
Skirting ClipPFSCB2--Black
Plinth Screw with CapPFSC-1032-N 10 X 32 mm 


  1. The fastening screw for plinth adjusting foot is secured through a Ø10.5 mm hole in the cupboard floor.
Ebco Plinth Fittings
Ebco Plinth Fittings
Ebco Plinth Fittings
Ebco Plinth Fittings
Ebco Plinth Fittings
Ebco Plinth Fittings
ItemItem CodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Plinth FittingPF75--160 nos10.365
PF75-115--160 nos 11.530
PF105--120 nos8.830
PF95-155--120 nos9.340
PF150--100 nos8.54
Plinth Screw with CapPFSC-1032--1000 Nos21
Skirting Clip with BracketPFSCB1--900 nos6.680
Skirting Clip PFSCB2--1200 nos 4.800