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Hi Slide - Twin

Hi Slide - Twin
Hi Slide - Twin
  • For Sliding Shutters & Bi - parting doors.
  • Top Running Twin Wheel Design for Load capacity.
  • Min.shutter thickness required - 1".
  • Load capacity - 120 Kgs.
ItemCode No.Weight (Kgs)Size Finish
Hi-Slide TwinHS-T1120 Kg-Zinc Plated White
Aluminium Track (Hi-Slide Twin)HS-T-AS-2-2.44mAnodized Silver
  1. Drill 2 holes of Ø12mm in top face of shutter as shown in Fig.1.
  2. On the bottom side of the shutter cut a continuous slot centrally as shown in Fig.1.
  3. Place the top plates on the shutter with the bottom of the bolt inserted into the hole and screw them as shown in the Fig.2.
  4. Slide the carriers on to the track as shown in Fig. 3.
  5. Fix the track by screw as shown in Fig.4.
  6. Hang the shutter into the carriers as shown in Fig.5.
  7. Drill Ø 4.5mm hole on the track and fit the Rubber buffer to the track using M4 screw and nut provided as shown in Fig.6.
  8. Place the door guide on the floor and insert it partly into the door slot and then align it with the track and mount them with the screw as shown in the Fig.7.
  9. Adjust the height by turning the center nut.


Ebco Hi Slide - Twin
Ebco Hi Slide - Twin
Ebco Hi Slide - Twin
Ebco Hi Slide - Twin
Ebco Hi Slide - Twin
ItemItem CodeSizeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Hi Slide TwinHS-T1120 Kg1 Set0.830 Sets24.00
AL. Profile Track    (Hi Slide Twin)HS-T-AS-2---14.64 Mtrs12.3
HS-T-AS-3---21.96 Mtrs18.6