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Floor Spring 250

Floor Spring 250
Floor Spring 250
  • 5,00,000 cycles tested.
  • Max. opening angle 130º.
  • Hold open angle 90º.
  • Built in pressure release valve prevents damage or oil leakage caused by excessive force or strong winds.
  • Designed for both side opening or left or right hand in single side opening.
  • Special low temperature hydraulic oil is used to ensure normal working even at temperature 40° below 0°.
  • For door settings, a built in adjustment of 5mm for length & width is provided.
  • There is also a 2° vertical angle adjustment provided.
  • Option for accessories are available.
Floor Spring 250DFS-250 Brushed Steel 
Floor Spring Door AccessoriesDFS-A1Plated
Bottom PivotDPF4-01Brushed Steel 
Top PivotDPF4-02Brushed Steel 


FeaturesTechnical data 
DFS - 250
Closing force35 Nm-
Maximum recommended
width of Door
1200 mm-
Maximum weight of Door250 kg-
The door closed speed is
controlled by the adjusting valve
Opening angle90°
Unit WeightAbout 6.5kg-
Container Size  Length  308 mm-
  Width  108 mm
  Height   42 mm

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ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Floor Spring - 250DFS-2501 No.5.6324 Nos.23.226
Floor Spring Door Accessories DFS-A11 Set0.76210 Sets7.831
DFS-A21 Set1.01610 Sets10.328
Bottom Pivot    DPF4-011 No.0.24220 Nos.5.104
Top PivotDPF4-021 No.0.08100 Nos.8.48