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Display Shelving System - Vertical

Display Shelving System - Vertical
Display Shelving System - Vertical
Display Shelving System - Vertical
Display Shelving System - Vertical
Display Shelving System - Vertical
Display Shelving System - Vertical
Display Shelving System - Vertical
  • Elegantly designed to suit different needs
  • Available in a variety of models and sizes
  • It is ideal for changing and displaying different items from time to time
  • Specially designed to impart maximum strength and to eliminate play
  • A unique stabilizer screw and nut holds the shelf in place
  • Available with an Steel Track for heavy loads.
  • The tracks which support the shelves are screwed on to the wall, so that they blend well with the decor.
  • Available for glass, wood shelves and hanger systems.
  • Track, Wood Shelf Bracket, Glass Shelf Bracket, Hanger Holder Brackets, Hanger Rack and Rod Bracket and Glass Shelf Support with Screw & Nut are also available in SS304.

Display Shelving System - SS 304 Series
ModelCode SizeLoad Capacity (Kgs.)Finish
Track for Shelves - VerticalDSS-TS-SS2.44 meters-Brushed Steel
Glass Shelf Bracket with Screw & NutDSS-GS12-SS300mm10 eachBrushed Steel
DSS-GS15-SS375mm10 eachBrushed Steel
Wood Shelf Bracket with Screw & NutDSS-WS12-SS300mm15 eachBrushed Steel
DSS-WS15-SS375mm15 eachBrushed Steel
Hanger Holder BracketDSS-HH6-SS6 Holes15 eachBrushed Steel
DSS-HH10-SS10 Holes15 eachBrushed Steel
Hanger Holder WM BrackDSS-HH6W-SS6 Holes15 eachBrushed Steel
DSS-HH10W-SS10 Holes15 eachBrushed Steel
Rod BracketDSS-RB-12-SS300mm4 eachBrushed Steel
Hanger RackDSS-HR6-SS6 Racks15 eachBrushed Steel


Display Shelving System - MS
ModelCodeSize mmLoad Capacity (kgs.)Finish
MS Track for Shelves - VerticalDSS-TS-MS2.44 meters-Anthracite
Hanging BracketDSS-HB-80 / pairAnthracite
Wood Shelf Bracket with Nut and ScrewDSS-WS61150mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-WS62150mm15 eachChrome Plated
DSS-WS91225mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-WS92225mm15 eachChrome Plated
DSS-WS121300mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-WS122300mm15 eachChrome Plated
DSS-WS151375mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-WS152375mm15 eachChrome Plated
Glass Shelf Bracket with Screw and NutDSS-GS61150mm10 eachAnthracite
DSS-GS62150mm10 eachChrome Plated
DSS-GS91225mm10 eachAnthracite
DSS-GS92225mm10 eachChrome Plated
DSS-GS121300mm10 eachAnthracite
DSS-GS151375mm10 eachAnthracite
DSS-GS152375mm10 eachChrome Plated
Tilting Shelf Bracket with Nut and ScrewDSS-TS81200mm10 eachAnthracite
DSS-TS82200mm10 eachChrome Plated
DSS-TS161400mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-TS162400mm10 eachChrome Plated
Hanger Support with Nut and ScrewDSS-HS41100mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-HS42100mm15 eachChrome Plated
DSS-HS81200mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-HS82200mm15 eachChrome Plated
DSS-HS121300mm15 eachAnthracite
DSS-HS122300mm15 eachChrome Plated
Hanger Holder BracketDSS-HH616 Holes15 eachAnthracite
DSS-HH10110 Holes15 eachAnthracite
DSS-HH10210 Holes15 eachChrome Plated
Hanger Holder Wall MountDSS-HH61 W6 Holes15 eachAnthracite
DSS-HH62W6 Holes15 eachChrome Plated
DSS-HH101W10 Holes15 eachAnthracite
DSS-HH102W10 Holes15 eachChrome Plated
Hanger RackDSS-HR6-MS6 Racks15 eachAnthracite
Rod BracketDSS-RB12-MS3004 eachAnthracite
Stabilizer Screw & NutDSS-SN1-- Zinc Plated White
Horizontal Hanger (Rect.) - BracketDSS-RHB175mm50 / pairAnthracite
Horizontal Hanger(Rect) - RailDSS-RHRS11.2 meter50 / pair Anthracite
Horizontal Hanger(Rect) - Rod BracketDSS-RHHB1250mm7 eachAnthracite
Horizontal Hanger(Round) - BracketDSS-HHB1300mm15 SetAnthracite
Horizontal Hanger(Round) - RailDSS-HHP11.0 meter15 eachAnthracite
  1. Screw the Track on the wall as shown in diagram. (Ref. Fig.1)
  2. Hook the Brackets and Holders in to the slots provided on the Track as given in diagram. (Ref. Fig.2)
  3. Refer the diagram for assembly of stabilizer nut. (Ref. Fig.3)
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Display Shelving System - SS 304 Series :
Track for Shelves - VerticalDSS-TS-SS--50 Mtrs45
Glass Shelf BracketDSS-GS12-SS14 Nos2.9168 nos35.6
DSS-GS15-SS12 Nos2.7144 nos33.2
Wood Shelf BracketDSS-WS12-SS8 Nos2.596 nos30.8
DSS-WS15-SS6 Nos2.472 Nos29.6
Hanger Holder BracketDSS-HH6-SS10 Nos2.7120 Nos33.2
DSS-HH10-SS8 nos2.796 nos33.2
Hanger Holder WM BracketDSS-HH6W-SS--25 nos9
DSS-HH10W-SS--25 Nos10.3
Rod BracketDSS-RB-12-SS10 Nos1.5120 nos19
Hanging BracketDSS-HB20 Sets3.7240 Sets44.4
Hanger RackDSS-HR6-SS10 nos2.9120 Nos35.5
Display Shelving System - MS:
Al. Profile Track for Shelves - VerticalDSS-TS-MS--50 Mtrs43.4
Wood Shelf Bracket with Nut and ScrewDSS-WS6112 Nos2144 Nos24.8
DSS-WS6212 Nos2144 Nos24.8
DSS-WS9110 Nos2.2120 Nos27.2
DSS-WS9210 Nos2.2120 Nos27.2
DSS-WS1218 Nos2.596 Nos29.6
DSS-WS1228 Nos2.596 Nos29.6
DSS-WS1516 Nos2.372 Nos28.4
DSS-WS1526 Nos2.372 Nos28.4
Glass Shelf Bracket with Nut and ScrewDSS-GS6120 Nos2.5240 Nos30.8
DSS-GS6220 Nos2.5240 Nos30.8
DSS-GS9116 Nos2.55192 Nos30.9
DSS-GS9216 Nos2.55192 Nos30.9
DSS-GS12114 Nos2.9168 Nos35.5
DSS-GS12214 Nos2.9168 Nos35.5
DSS-GS15112 Nos


144 nos36.2
DSS-GS15212 Nos2.95144 Nos36.2
Tilting Shelf Bracket with Nut and ScrewDSS-TS8110 Nos2.3120 nos28.4
DSS-TS8210 Nos2.3120 Nos28.4
DSS-TS1618 Nos2.6596 nos32.6
DSS-TS1628 Nos2.6596 nos32.6
Hanger Support  with Nut and ScrewDSS-HS4120 Nos3.3240 Nos40
DSS-HS4220 Nos3.3240 Nos40
DSS-HS8110 Nos3.1120 Nos38
DSS-HS8210 Nos3.1120 Nos38
DSS-HS12110 Nos4.3120 Nos52
DSS-HS12210 Nos4.3120 Nos52
Hanger Holder BracketDSS-HH6110 Nos2.6120 Nos32
DSS-HH6210 Nos2.6120 Nos32
DSS-HH1018 Nos2.796 Nos33.2
DSS-HH1028 Nos2.796 Nos33.2
Hanger Holder Wall Mount DSS-HH61W--25 Nos8.4
DSS-HH62W--25 Nos8.4
DSS-HH101W--25 Nos10.4
DSS-HH102W--25 Nos10.4
Rod BracketDSS-RB-12-MS10 Nos1.5120 Nos18.8
Hanger RackDSS-HR6-MS10 nos2.7120 Nos33.2
Stabiliser Screw and Nut **DSS-SN11000 Sets104000 Sets41
End Cap for SS Oval RailEC-WRFRS200 Nos1.121800 Nos.11.1
Display Shelving -
Glass Shelf Support (with screw and nut)
DSS-GSST815 Pairs 1.760 Pairs21.2
DSS-GSST825 Pairs  1.760 Pairs21.2
DSS-GSST8-SS5 Pairs 1.7560 Pairs21.8
DSS-GSST1214 Pairs  1.9548 Pairs24.2
DSS-GSST1224 Pairs  1.9548 Pairs24.2
DSS-GSST12-SS4 Pairs 248 Pairs24.8
Horizontal Hanger (Rect.) - BracketDSS-RHB112 Pairs3144 Pairs36.8
Horizontal Hanger (Rect.) - RailDSS-RHRS1--10 Mtrs18
Horizontal Hanger (Rect.) - Rod BracketDSS-RHHB18 Nos 1.896 nos22.4
Horizontal Hanger (Round) - BracketDSS-HHB12 Pairs 1.924 Pairs23.5
Horizontal Hanger (Round) - RailDSS-HHP1--15 Mtrs10.3