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Front Multi Drawer Lock

Front Multi Drawer Lock
Front Multi Drawer Lock
  • Front locking system with adjustable locking pins.
  • Key removable in locked and unlocked positions.
  • It can lock as many as three drawers in the 480 mm and four drawers in the 580 mm model.
  • Can be used for Side / Bottom mounting, Full Panel & Telescopic Drawer Slides with 'ebco' MDL Brackets.
  • Zinc alloy die-cast chrome finish.
  • System 32 compatible.
  • Also available pedestal lock with locking strip exclusively for steel furniture.
Multi Drawer Lock FM 480P-FMDL-48-22*480 mmNickel Plated
Multi Drawer Lock FM 580P-FMDL-58-22*580 mm
Multi Drawer Lock for Steel CabinetP-FMDL-58-SF*580 mm
* Add K3 to the code for lock with 3 keys | Add K5 to the code for lock with 5 keys | Add FL to the code for lock with flip key | Add FL5K to the  code for lock with flip key from 5000 combination series | Add FL5K K3 to the code for lock with 3 flip keys from 5000 combinations
ItemItem CodeSizeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Multi Drawer Lock - FM - 480P-FMDL-48-22480 mm25 Nos.4.500 Kgs.100 Nos.19.500 Kgs.
Multi Drawer Lock - FM - 580P-FMDL-58-22580 mm25 Nos.5.400 Kgs.100 Nos.23.800 Kgs.
Front Multi Drawer Lock for Steel CabinetP-FMDL-58-SF580 mm25 Nos.5.100 Kgs.100 Nos.22.000 Kgs.


  • Do not drop the lock or apply extreme force or even dismantle the lock.
  • Avoid the use of adhesives, in order to prevent the lock from malfunction.