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Two Way Slides

Two Way Slides
Two Way Slides
  • Slim design requires only 9.5mm side gap.
  • Can be used with bigger drawers as slides are reversible.
  • No de-assembly required.
  • "System 32" compatible.
  • Precision Telescopic Slide for smooth movement.
  • Load capacity - 12kgs.
Model CodeLength
Extension Loss (mm)Drawer Length 'A' mmMax.Load Kgs.Gap/Side
Two Way SlideTWDS-200-32519458.0200-3251210.0Zinc Plated White/Black.
  1. 10.0 mm side gap required per side. (Refer fig. 1)
  2. Can be recessed fitted in a 27mm slot to reduce side gap. (Refer fig. 2)
  3. Slide must be parallel and at equal height.











ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Two Way SlideTWDS-200-32520 Sets4.97100 Sets25.5
TWDS-300-48525 Sets9.25100 Sets37.7
TWDS-375-65525 Sets11.55100 Sets47
TWDS-420-71025 Sets13.5100 Sets54.7


  • Strictly maintain side gap given in the diagrams.
  • Fit slides parallel and at equal heights.
  • Do not apply paint or polish.
  • Do not let saw dust enter into the slides.