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Door Closer 201 - Basic

Door Closer 201 - Basic
Door Closer 201 - Basic
  • Door width (mm) 600-900mm.
  • Door weight (kg) upto 65kgs.
  • Adjustable section of closing speed 180º - 20º.
  • Adjustable section of latching speed 20º - 0º.
  • The door closer is suitable for installing in various doors, such as a wooden door, metal door, glass door, etc.
  • The installation modes of vertical, parallel and slide - rail type all can be chosen at will.
  • The door closer can be chosen to stop or unstop are will.
  • Continuous adjustment of closing and latching speed the fast speed can be adjusted to within 3 seconds from 90º, slowness close can reach to 60 seconds or more.
  • 5,00,000 cycles tested.
                Model   Code  Body Size in mmHold Open
 Latching and Closing
   Speed Adjust Valve
         Technical ParameterFinish
    L W   H Door Width  Door Weight
Door Closer -
DC 201 B w/o hold open
DC-201-B 186 45 67.5 No Available 600 - 900mm 65 kgSilver


ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Door Closer 201 - Basic w/o hold openDC-201-B1 No.1.2510 Nos.13.5