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Pro-Lift Bed Fitting - Easy Fit

Pro-Lift Bed Fitting - Easy Fit
Pro-Lift Bed Fitting - Easy Fit
  • Ideal for storage under bed.
  • Special gas spring available in four loads.
  • 30° opening angle allows easy access.
  • Easy to lift (with the weight of top board) with minimum force.
  • Easy access as the gas lift keeps the bed top stay.
  • Easy to Fit.
ItemCode No.TypeMax
Bed Size (feet)
Pro-Lift Bed Fitting - Easy Fit - RegularPLBF-EF----
Pro-Lift Bed Fitting - Easy Fit Extended Arm
(w/o Gas Lifts)
Pro-Lift Bed Fitting - Easy Fit Extended Arm 1100mm
(w/o Gas Lifts)
Gas Lift 500NPLBF-50CMedium502.5 to 3 feet5 to 6 feet
Gas Lift 750NPLBF-75CMedium753 to 4 feet6 to 6.5 feet
Gas Lift 1200NPLBF-120CHeavy1204 to 5 feet
Gas Lift 1500NPLBF-150CHeavy1505 to 6 feet
  1. Fit the Fix Bracket on bed frame as per given dimensions. (Refer. Fig. 1). Without the gas spring fitted.
  2. Now fix the bed platform to the top brackets (Ref. Fig.2.).
  3. Lastly fit the gas spring as shown in diagram (Ref, Fig.3).

Special Note:

Installation dimensions are only recommendation and will vary depending on type of construction design.

ItemItem CodeSizeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Pro-Lift Bed Fittings-Easy Fit-Regular (w/o Gas Lifts)PLBF-EF-R-1 set4.3404 sets18.400
Pro-Lift Bed Fittings-Easy Fit-Extended Arm (w/o Gas Lifts)PLBF-EF-E-1 set7.0004 sets29.650
Pro-Lift (for Bed Fittings)PLBF 50C500N--5026.3
PLBF 75C750N--5026.3
PLBF 120C1200N--5026.3
PLBF 150C1500N--5026.3
  1. Gas springs used are highly pressured, do not dismantle or damage and do not expose to heat or fire.
  2. Ensure that the top bed is locked properly with the bed frame.
  3. Do not tighten nut fully, Gas Spring should be able to rotate.
  4. Do not apply paint or polish on the product.
  5. No additional hinges to be used.