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Aluminium Handle - Y & Y1

Aluminium Handle - Y & Y1
Aluminium Handle - Y & Y1
Aluminium Handle - Y & Y1
Aluminium Handle - Y & Y1
Aluminium Handle - Y & Y1
  • Variety of designs to select from.
  • Ergonomically designed for good grip.
  • Available in different lengths as per system - 32.
  • Various finishes to suit your furniture.
ItemItem CodeSize (mm)Finish
Aluminium Handle-YYAH-96-AS96mm x 120mmAnodised Silver
YAH-160-AS160mm x 200mm
YAH-224-AS224mm x 300mm
YAH-96-SF96mm x 120mmSpecial Finish
YAH-160-SF160mm x 200mm
YAH-224-SF224mm x 300mm
YAH-96-BA96mm x 120mmBrushed Aluminium
YAH-160-BA160mm x 200mm
YAH-224-BA224mm x 300mm
YAH-1088-BA1088 x 1200 mm
YAH-96-CP96mm x 120mmChrome Plated
YAH-160-CP160mm x 200mm
YAH-224-CP224mm x 300mm
YAH-1088-CP1088 x 1200 mm
YAH-1088-AB1088mm x 1200 mmAnodized Black
Aluminium Handle Y1YAH1-96-BA-Brushed Aluminium
YAH1-160-AS-Anodized Silver
YAH1-1088-BA-Brushed Aluminium
YAH1-1088-AB-Anodized Black

ItemItem CodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
QtyWeight QtyWeight 
Aluminium Handle - Y (Silver)YAH 961508.245025.23
YAH 1601008.8830027.26
YAH 2248010.4224031.26
Aluminium Handle - Y (Special Finish)YAH 96 SF1508.1945025.21
YAH 160 SF1008.7830027.19
YAH 224 SF8010.3824031.19
Aluminium Handle - Y (Metallic Blue)                    YAH 96 MB1508.245025.29
YAH 160 MB10083830027.15
YAH 224 MB8010.424031.23