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CPU Station Without Lock

CPU Station Without Lock
CPU Station Without Lock
  • Ideal for storage of C.P.U under the table.
  • C.P.U. can be pulled out and swivelled.
  • Height adjustment: 300mm to 550mm.
  • Width adjustment: 70 mm to 250 mm.
  • Safe Load: 20 kilograms
CPU Station Without LockCPUSNBlack / Anthracite
  1. Fit the retainer plate under the table top leaving 15 mm from the front. Fit the stopper bush at the rear end. (Ref. Fig.1) Use pan head wood screws provided.
  2. Adjust the height adjustment bracket to suitable height of the C.P.U. and tighten the grub screws provided properly. (Ref. Fig.2)
  3. Slide the assembly into the Retainer Plate. (Ref. Fig.3)
  4. Fix the front stopper to the front end of retainer plate. (Ref. Fig.4)
  5. Place the C.P.U and insert the Side Locking Bracket (Ref. Fig.5). While inserting the side locking bracket ensure that the locking level is in open position. (Ref. Fig. 6A)
  6. Lock the C.P.U. with locking lever by turn to the right. (Ref. Fig. 6B).
ModeCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
CPU Station (without Lock)CPUSN1 No.5.25 Nos.22.2