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Computer Keyboard Tray with Soft Pad

Computer Keyboard Tray with Soft Pad
Computer Keyboard Tray with Soft Pad
  • Allows your keyboard to be neatly stored underneath your desk and pulled out when required.
  • This product comes with or without a left or right side retractable mouse pad tray.
  • Its height can be adjusted by using the height adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Moves quietly and smoothly with keyboard slides.
  • It has a unique angled hand rest to prevent fatigue while working.
  • Available with 200mm extension.
  • Comes with a special compartment for pencil.
  • The tray can be detached from the slides (using latches).
  • Special pressure locks at extended position.
  • Maximum Load: 12kgs.
  • Comes with a soft palm rest.
  • Available in Black.
                    Model            Type   Code     Length
   Keyboard Tray - Soft Pad
        (With & Without) 
    With Mouse Tray KTSM35          350           200         Black
    Without Mouse Tray KTS35
  1. Assemble height adjustment brackets on to slides using M4 screw provided as in Fig. 1
  2. Drill as per drilling diagram Fig. 2
  3. Height adjustment bracket should be adjusted for desired height
  4. Screw the keyboard tray onto the table. Table should have a minimum horizontal gap of 600mm
  5. Slide the keyboard tray out till it automatically latches
  6. To remove tray lift latches provided on each side and pull as per Fig. 3


ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Computer Keyboard Tray - Soft Pad (w/o Mouse Tray)KTS 351 No.2.65 Nos.14.4
Computer Keyboard Tray - Soft Pad (with Mouse Tray)KTSM 351 No.3.54 Nos.19
  • Fit slides parallel and at equal height