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Sliding Cabinet Shutter Fittings

Sliding Cabinet Shutter Fittings
Sliding Cabinet Shutter Fittings
  • Ideal for sliding cabinet shutters.
  • Special rollers for smooth silent running.
  • Anodized Aluminium rails for long life.
  • Eccentric arrangement for gap setting.
  • PVC rail also available.
ItemItem CodeLoad / SetFinish
Sliding Cabinet Shutter FittingSCF-112 kgsWhite / Brown
Aluminium Rail 2.44SCF-A1Anodized Silver
PVC Rail 2.44SCFP-1-2White / Brown
PVC Rail 3.66SCFP-1-3



Distance 'A'
16 mm21.0 Min.
19 mm24.0 Min.
  1. Use Ø35mm cutter to make cavities on the inside of shutter. (Refer Fig.1)
  2. Cavity should be 10mm deep.
  3. Fit top housing and bottom housing in top and bottom cavities respectively.
  4. Rail is fitted in a slot at top and bottom of cabinet. Groove should be 8mm wide and 6mm deep. (Refer Fig.2)
  5. Wheel of bottom housing should sit in bottom rail.
  6. Spring loaded guide in top housing is pulled down so as to engage in top rail there by retaining the shutter. (Refer Fig.3)



ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
               Qty            Weight              Qty           Weight
Sliding Cabinet Shutter FittingSCF-1250.99225 Sets10.1
Alu. Profile Rail for Sliding Cabinet Shutter FittingsSCF-A1--100 Nos22.6
Plastic Rail for Sliding Cabinet Shutter FittingSCFP-1-2--100 Nos13
SCFP-1-3--75 Nos15