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Right Angle Modular Baskets

Right Angle Modular Baskets
Right Angle Modular Baskets
  • These plain Right Angle Baskets are available with various clip-on inserts for Plate, Thali, Cup, Saucer, etc.
  • Extreme flexibility for the customer to make a combination of his own. It can be changed easily according to the user's requirement.
  • Space Saving solution as the inserts can be clipped onto the baskets anywhere along the width, thereby allowing maximum space utilization.
  • Minimum Inventory as Baskets can be plain or Clip-on inserts to be kept as per the movement.
  • These Clip-on inserts can be used with our existing range of plain baskets of 500mm depth. So, you can use the inserts with 15, 17, 19, 21 series baskets.
Right Angle Modular BasketRAM-33-20-4834 x 505 x 100SS304Each
RAM-33-20-6834 x 505 x 150SS304
RAM-33-20-8834 x 505 x 200SS304
Right Angle Modular Insert - PLATERAMI-12-19-4PL290 x 470 x 100SS304
Right Angle Modular Insert - THALIRAMI-13-19-4TH 330 x 470 x 100SS304
Right Angle Modular Insert - CUPRAMI-6-19-2-CP140 x 470 x 60SS304
Right Angle Modular Insert - SAUCERRAMI-8-19-3-SC200 x 470 x 80SS304

Ebco Right Angle Modular Baskets


ItemItem CodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
QtyWeight QtyWeight 
Right Angle Modular BasketRAM-33-20-413.452623.555
Right Angle Modular Insert - PLATERAMI-12-19-4PL11.0451011.500
Right Angle Modular Insert - THALIRAMI-13-19-4TH11.0001012.245

      Right Angle Modular Insert - CUP 

Right Angle Modular Insert - SAUCERRAMI-8-19-3-SC10.800109.300