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  • Table Mat
    This table mat protects your desk from scratches, scuffs or spills of any kind Textured black finish with smooth and comfortable resting surface for your desk Right Angle Edge and anti-skid property allows the mat to retain its position on the desk ..
  • Smart Lift Single Leg-Gas Lift Side Pole (with table top)
    The height of your worktop should be set according to your height such that you work without reaching or bending; forearms must be parallel to the floor; head, neck and wrists should always be relaxed and not forced into any unnatural or stressful position. Smart Lift Table Legs allow you to ad..
  • Pro-Lift Bed Fitting - Mini
    Ideal for partial storage under beds. Special gas pumps included. 27º  opening angle allows easy access. Easy to lift (with weight of top board) with minimum force. Easy access as the gas pump keeps the bed top open. Finish - Anthracite. ..
  • Laptop Stand
    This Laptop stand can be used on a table, in the car, on a bed and in the multiple scenarios. Ergonomically designed for comfort. Lightweight and easy to carry around as per your convenience. Anti-Skid pad provided to keep your laptop from sliding off the stand. Manufactured out of high g..
  • Utility Trouser & Saree Rack - Soft Close
    Organise your trousers / sarees for convenient access and easy pullout. Additional utility trays to keep accessories like sunglasses, belt, wallet etc. Designed for 600 and 900mm wide cabinets, with soft close feature. ..
  • Vertebrae (Rectangular)
    Used at work stations or desks to neatly conceal electrical and data cables separately. It enhances the aesthetics of your work space. Manufactured out of plastic and is flexible. System 32 compatible. Includes a built-in counter weight at base. ..
  • Wall Shelf Rod HD
    These are heavy duty, plastic moulded, built in with plug and with better grip. Sizes available         Ø10 x 100        Ø10 x 145 ​       Ø 14 x 140 ..
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