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  • Glass Door Hinge - Soft Close - Ø35mm
    Specially Designed for Glass Shutters. Max. Opening: 105°. Max. Shutter size: 600mm x 400mm for 2 hinges. Shutter Thickness: 4 mm to 6 mm. Shutter cavity: Ø35mm throughout, cavity 4mm from edge. Finish: Nickel Plated. ..
  • Hinge Slo-motion
    Unique built in damping system allows shutter to close in slow motion without banging. Special cover plate provided. Available in Full overlay, Half overlay & Inset. Max. opening 105° Max. Shutter size : 34'' x 22'' (850 mm x 550 mm) for 2 hinges Shutter Thickness: 16mm to 19mm. S..
  • Thick Door Hinge - Soft Close
    Available in Full Overlay. Soft Close Mechanism Prevents Shutters from Banging. Max. Opening : 95° Max. Shutter Size: 34" x 22" (850mm x 550mm) for 2 hinges. Shutter Thickness: 18mm to 30mm. Shutter Cavity: Ø40mm, 14 deep, Cavity 4mm from Edge. Finish: Nickel Plated. ..
  • Blind Corner Hinge - Soft Close
    Designed for cabinets having blind corner panel. Soft Close Mechanism Prevents Shutter from Banging. Max opening 100º Max shutter size 850mm X 550mm (34" X 22") for 2 hinges. Shutter thickness 16mm to 19mm. 3-way adjustment with system 32 compatibility. Finish - Nickel Plated. &n..
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