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  • Plinth Fittings
    Made of reinforced glass filled nylon. Three models available with minimum shut height: 75mm, 105mm and 150mm. Adjustment of height - 25mm. Additional screw can be provided from below to prevent rotation. Skirting clip with bracket to attach skirting boards to the front of pedestal units...
  • Recessed Handle - 90mm
    Made out of Durable plastic. System – 32 Compatible. Handle remains Recessed. ..
  • Handle 96 - Eco
    Classic handles made out of Polypropylene supplied with screws are very cost-effective without compromising on quality & aesthetics. Available in Black & White color. ..
  • Lined Plastic Sheet
    Made from the finest quality E.V.A. Plastic sheets. Easy to clean. Can be used in cupboards, drawers and baskets. Reduces metal to metal contact. Eliminates noise. ..
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