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  • Smart Light Recharge
    Battery powered LED lighting with motion sensor. Perfect for wardrobes and overhead cabinets. No cabling required. Equipped with a high-quality 1.200mAh lithium ion accumulator. Rechargeable with a standard mini USB cable. ..
  • Reading Lamp With Two Way Connector
    Excellent for use at bed sides, office desks and any miscellaneous areas of the home. Has a flexible arm and can be tilted to the user’s required angle. Button acts as an ON/OFF switch as well as a dimmer with three levels of incremental dimming. Available in White or Black. Two Way Conne..
  • Strip Light Cord 200
    Length 2mtrs. Connects Strip light Emotion with the Power Supply units. ..
  • Strip Light Connection Cord 4
    Joins multiple of Strip lights in series easily without soldering.   ..
  • Multi Switch  Emotion
    emotion-technology: progressively variable colour temperature from Warm White to Cool White. 3 Brightness levels. Memory function: Last Light colour will be saved. Cable length: Switch to power supply 2m, Switch to LED 1m. Switching power: Up to 3A; Voltage: 12V DC. ..
  • Multi Switch - Regular
    Switch for external mounting with only 5.5mm height. Dimm and Switch. Cable length: Switch to Power supply 2m.                          Switch to LED 1 Switching Power: up to 3A. ..
  • Extension Cord 100
    Cable Length: 1000mm Acts as an extension cable between power supply unit and LED light. ..
  • Cord Cover Strip 120
    Safe and low profile cover keeps the wire securely in place Can be cut according to the size required. No screwing. Adhesive base. Peel the sticker and stick on the surface of the furniture. ..
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