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  • Bottom Panel Support
    Manufactured out of plastic. This stiffner gives an additional support to the 6mm bottom of a drawer at the center of the facia. It requires a Ø10mm hole. ..
  • Mirror Holder
    Ergonomically designed to enable easy installation of mirror without frame and no drilling on the mirror required. Made out of SS 304. Special PVC packing provided to protect the glass. Can be used with mirror thickness from 4mm to 8mm. A pair of bottom holder can withstand approximately ..
  • Wardrobe Latch
    This special Wardrobe Latch works as an interlock for wardrobes having double shutters. It eliminates the need for tower bolts or magnetic catches. Works automatically by just closing the shutters, one at a time. A special cam with interlock prevents the shutters from opening without the lo..
  • Auto Bolt Latch
    Security and convenience is provided in this new design. Designed for twin shutters. Specially designed Auto Bolt Latch automatically locks the first shutter when the second shutter is closed. Can be used for overlay shutters as well as inset shutters. ..
  • Door Stiffener
    Adjustment located vertically at the center of the door. Symmetrical working processes. Fixing with screws. Can be used in multiples for wider shutters. Adjust the length using tool provided. Cover for door stiffener is also available which is easy to fit, remove & re-use. ..
  • Turn Table Mechanism
    Ideal for Turning Tables or Swivel Units. Precision Ball Bearing for smooth rotation & long life. 360° Free Rotation. Available in three sizes for different loads. ..
  • AC Mounting Bracket
    Ideal for mounting AC outdoor units Adjustment provided for different sizes of AC out door units. Bolts, Washers & Nuts provided are made out of stainless steel. Max Load Capacity: 120kgs ..
  • Bed Clamp
    Manufactured out of steel for strength Clips easily in to each other forming a strong joint Require four joints to form a bed frame ..
  • Multi Corner Bracket
    Easy to fit. Designed for strength & right angle. To be used at 4 corners of bed. ..
  • Corner Clamp
    Ideal for joining three sides of cabinet giving right angle joints ..
  • Cupboard Pull Out
    For tall unit storage cupboards. Consists of base unit having special plastic coated bearings for silent running. Top guide has lateral adjustments. Base unit has angle adjustments. Used where narrow spaces are available and gives easy access from both sides. Ideal for kitchen lard..
  • Sliding Cabinet Shutter Fittings
    Ideal for sliding cabinet shutters. Special rollers for smooth silent running. Anodized Aluminium rails for long life. Eccentric arrangement for gap setting. PVC rail also available. ..
  • Push Open Fittings - Stroke & Magnetic
    To be used for drawers & doors without handles Drawer / Door remians closed with magnetic pressure Screw on adaptor plate Adjustable distance 4mm ..
  • Door Seal Profile
    Ideal to fill the gaps between two openable doors / cabinets. Protects from dust, dirt and insects. Reduces noise impact and prevents the door from banging. Easy to mount with screws which can be covered with built in cover Available in Silver and Anthracite. ..
  • Door Wedge
    Made of special grade impurity - free natural rubber. Design to function on all types of floors, used in front & back position to stop doors wherever desired. ..
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