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  • Hinge Multi Boring Jig (System 32)
    Manufactured to very high tolerances for use on CNC multi boring machines. Highly accurate, fast and cost effective for fitting Ebco hinges. Bores three holes at a time using left hand & right hand carbide cutters. Has a built in dummy rotating spindle at 64 mm to prevent jig from rotat..
  • Jig For Hinge
    Can be used with any drilling machine having 3- jaw chuck. Three carbide cutters provided to bore Ø35 and Ø8 mm holes. Carbide cutters provide long life. Depth of cutters can be adjusted and locked. Clamp can be adjusted to lock different thickness of board. Special Allen key provided t..
  • Pozi Screwdriver Bit / Two Way - Magnetic
    Magnetic screw driver bits for hand screw drivers, electric screw drivers, electric drills, air drills and so forth Precision machined tips with superior fitment for full contact fit and longer life. ..
  • Carbide Standard Shank
    Manufactured out of special grade carbide inserts. Precision ground for high material removal rate. Shank Dia is 10 mm   ..
  • Euro Quick - Manual/Pneumatic
    These drilling machines can be used to drill all kinds of hinge holes in cabinets and doors. It is simple, safe to operate & very efficient. ..
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