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Patch Fittings

Patch Fittings
Patch Fittings
Patch Fittings
Patch Fittings
Patch Fittings
  • Bottom Corner Patch
  • Top Corner Patch
  • Corner 'L' Patch with Pivot
  • Centre Lock
  • Strike Patch for Centre Lock
  • Single Connector  Patch
  • Corner 'L' Patch without Pivot
  • Over Panel Patch with Plate
  • Quad Connector Patch
  • Double Connector Patch
Bottom Corner PatchDPF1-01 Brushed Steel
/ Black
Top Corner PatchDPF1-02
Corner 'L' Patch with PivotDPF1-04
Centre LockDPF2-01
Strike Patch for Centre LockDPF2-02
Single Connector PatchDPF3-01
Corner 'L' Patch without PivotDPF3-02
Over Panel Patch with PlateDPF1-03
Quad Connector PatchDPF3-03
Double Connector PatchDPF3-04

ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Bottom Corner PatchDPF1-011 Nos0.59220 Nos12.106
Top Corner PatchDPF1-021 Nos0.48520 Nos9.99
Corner 'L' Patch with PivotDPF1-041 Nos0.8320 Nos17.29
Centre Lock DPF2-011 Nos0.81420 Nos16.676
Strike Patch for Centre Lock DPF2-021 Nos0.40220 Nos8.272
Single Connector Patch DPF3-011 Nos0.28650 Nos14.99
Corner 'L' Patch without PivotDPF3-021 Nos0.57820 Nos12.022
Over Panel Patch with PlateDPF1-031 Nos0.71420 Nos14.764
Quad Connector Patch DPF3-031 Nos0.7820 Nos16.08
Double Connector Patch DPF3-041 Nos0.40640 Nos16.692