Miscellaneous Lights

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  • Smart Light Recharge - Mini (Surface Mount)
    This is a modern attractive light that is rechargeable with any mini USB charger Easy to use in furniture, mounted on a small round magnet (included) and does not require any wiring Can be used in kitchens, wardrobes, and display units and even as a foot lamp Motion sensor activates the lig..
  • Smart Light Recharge (Surface Edge)
    Battery powered LED lighting with motion sensor. Perfect for wardrobes and overhead cabinets. No cabling required. Equipped with a high-quality 1.200mAh lithium ion accumulator. Rechargeable with a standard mini USB cable. ..
  • Multi Switch  Emotion
    Emotion-technology: progressively variable colour temperature from Warm White to Cool White. 3 Brightness levels. Memory function: Last Light colour will be saved. Cable length: Switch to power supply 2m, Switch to LED 1m. Switching power: Up to 3A; Voltage: 12V DC. ..
  • Remote Control / Receiver - Emotion
    Emotion Technology: progressively variable colour temperature from Warm White to Cool White. Easy plug in connection. Dimmer function. Memory function: last light colour will be saved. Auto on: Settings will be saved after power disconnection. Switching power: Up to 2.5A ..
  • Extension Cord 100
    Cable Length: 1000mm Acts as an extension cable between power supply unit and LED light. ..
  • IR Sensor
    Add-on attachment to achieve automatic power control with the movement of furniture shutters. Ideal for sliding or openable wardrobes, overhead cabinets & drawers etc. Compatible with all Ebco LED furniture lights. ..
  • Power Supply Unit
    Power supply 6-75 Watt. 12V DC. 2.000mm HV Connection cable with Flat-Europlug. 200mm LV Connection cable with LED 6-way/10-way. ..
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