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  • Kitchen Wall Hanging Fittings and Accessories
    Manufactured out of SS 304. For storing all kinds of bottles and jars conveniently on the wall. Special rack for corners. Special rack for storage of kitchen towels, cling film and aluminium foil. Special rack for hanging Glasses. Special rack for storing Dish Lids of different sizes. ..
  • Kitchen Midway Systems
    Maximise your kitchen space and get easy access to your daily kitchen tools Easy to clip on shelves/racks that can be added / removed or repositioned as per your work convenience Made of MS and Natural Wood which adds aesthetic appeal to your countertop Optional LED lighting in Aluminium tr..
  • Wine Glass Holders
    Manufactured out of SS 304. Ideal for hanging wine glasses. Easy to fit on to the ceiling of cabinets. Elegant & cost effective design. ..
  • Cup Hanger
    Manufactured out of SS 304. Ideal for Hanging 6 cups. Easy to fit on to the Ceiling of Cabinets. Elegant & Cost effective design. ..
  • Hot Plate
    Hot Plate An Ideal kitchen accessory. Made out of SS 304 with an anti-skid bush in clear finish. ..
  • Shelf Tray
    A multi-utility shelf tray that can be used in kitchens (waste bin shutters, pantry unit shutters, overhead shutters, on the mid-way wall etc.), Wardrobes (for cosmetics, perfumes etc.) in bathroom cabinets & more. This tray can be fitted on to the inner face of any shutter. Designed..
  • Ladle Caddie & Kitchen Hanger
    Manufactured out of SS 304. Ideal for hanging ladles and other kitchen cutlery. Easy to fit on the wall and convenient. ..
  • Kitchen Caddie
    Manufactured out of stainless steel 304 grade. Ideal for storing items of cutlery and crockery. To be fitted on the wall above the kitchen sink. Ladles can hang on the bottom side by using ā€˜Sā€™ hooks ..
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