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Model: Iron Rack IR 6-5-10
Simple and elegant in appearance. Ideal for storing Iron Box on Wall. Cables can be winded up in the lower compartment. Easy to Fit. Made out of SS 304...
Model: Kitchen Utensil Basket
For storing utensils conveniently. Manufactured out of stainless steel 304 grade and electro polished. These elegantly designed baskets have widths of 500mm, 600mm, 700mm and 800mm Designed to be used with 'Ebco' Heavy duty telescopic  drawer slides by direct assembly onto mounting plates..
Model: Dinner Set Basket DSB 24-20-6
To store complete dinner set comprising of plates, serving bowl, etc. conveniently. Manufactured out of SS 304 & electro polished. Designed to be used with ‘ebco’ Heavy Duty Telescopic Drawer Slides, Sleek Telescopic Drawer Slides & Premium Quadrail Slides...
Model: Hanger Peg Recessed HPR-1
Space saving utility product that can be easily fitted in wardrobes. Miniscule and compact design with barely visible spot, is an ideal solution for hanging coats, scrafs, handbags, hat, ties, etc. Unique recessed design enables it to hide easily when not in use...
Brand: Chic D'or Model: Kitchen Grain Drawer KGD
For storing grain, oil and larger tins or cans up to 50kgs. Manufactured out of stainless steel 304 grade and electro polished. Designed to be used with 'ebco' heavy duty telescopic drawer slides with direct nut bolt assembly...
Model: Anti Skid Mat ASM
Safeguard cutlery from sliding out with these Anti skid mats.Ideal for kitchen drawers, cabinet/ wardrobe shelves, working table, etc. Dotted and lined upper surface for better hold and superior anti skid coating at the bottom. For use in kitchen drawers and shelves - protects furniture from wat..
Model: Foot Pedal P-FP1
Foot Pedal allows you to open the door hands-free. Easy to operate - simple and hygenic...
Model: Shims KBS-1
Manufactured out of Polypropylene. Shims help reduce side gaps between cabinets & slides..
Model: Kitchen Basket Spacer KBS-5 KBS2-2
Manufactured out of polypropylene. To be used as a spacer with 'ebco' Kitchen Baskets. Available in three different sizes..
Model: Kitchen Basket Clamps - KBC
U-clamps are manufactured out of Nylon and can be used with all Ebco sleek Telescopic Drawer Slides. Basket clamp manufactures out of SS 304 are available in a choice of three lengths covering all Ebco kitchen baskets. ..
Model: Extendo Drawer Shelves K-EXTF (Fioro)
This discreet pull-out shelf blends perfectly in kitchens, living rooms and dressing rooms. It combines direct access through the front of the shelf with an excellent overview of shelf contents, making it truly unique. The unobtrusive magnetic non-slip mat stick to the shelf surface & c..
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