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Lights have always been a captivating aspect of creating a good ambiance. Be it Offices, Showrooms or any Households great lighting ambiance always elevate any room to another level of elegance. Ebco introduces a path-breaking solution. Luminor - A Light diffusing material which is apt for any interior designer or architects for creating beautiful custom lighting. It has unique material that is highly flexible, can be applied to three dimensional structures, and diffuses the light homogeneously.

Application Ideas:

Can be used for a various designing purpose - 

  • Interior Lighting - Passageways, Illuminating mirror edges, Floors, etc.
  • Cove lighting.
  • Ceiling and wall lighting.
  • Exhibition and Shelf lighting.
  • Recessed under kitchen cabinets or retail shelves and display cabinets.
ItemItem CodeSizeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
QtyWeight QtyWeight 
Luminor 1LUM122.4 x 14mm--25 M6.657
Luminor 1 Housing Profile 1LUM1 HP123 x 16mm--15 M3.48
Luminor -1 Housing Profile 1 End CapLUM1 HP1 EC---1000.080
Luminor 2LUM215 x 8mm--50 M5.321
Luminor 2 Housing Profile 1LUM2 HP121.4 x 10.4mm--15 M2.05
Luminor 2 Housing Profile 1 End CapLUM2 HP1 EC---1000.100
Luminor 2 Housing Profile 2LUM2 HP233 x 19mm--152.08
Luminor 2 Housing Profile 2 Right Angle ConnectorLUM2 HP2 RACR=33 mm--100.308
Luminor 3LUM313.6 x 7mm--504.336
Luminor 3 Housing Profile 1LUM3 HP118.5 x 27.5mm--15 M2.35
Luminor 3 Housing Profile 1 End CapLUM3 HP1 EC--     -1000.060
Luminor 3 Housing Profile 2LUM3 HP216 x 10mm--15 M0.98
Luminor 4LUM422.4 x 8.3mm--50 M8.175
Luminor 5LUM518.4 x 6.7mm--50 M6.339