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Roll Top Easy - Vertical

Roll Top Easy - Vertical
Roll Top Easy - Vertical
  • Designed to give complete openings in cabinets.
  • Great alternative to traditional hinged or sliding doors.
  • Easy to install & offer a wide range of different solutions with a complete series of accessories.
  • Available in various finishes.
        Code No    Size (mm) (W) x (H) FinishPcs/Set
   RTEV-45130-SL450 x 1300   SilverSet
   RTEV-45130-SF    450 x 1300       Special Finish
   RTEV-45130-FG450 x 1300  Frozen Glass
   RTEV-45135-GW 450 X 1350  Glossy White
   RTEV-45130-AT 450 X 1300  Anthracite
   RTEV-45130-MC450 X 1300  Mocha
   RTEV-60130-SL 600 X 1300  Silver
   RTEV-60130-FW 600 X 1300  Frosty White
   RTEV-60130-AT  600 X 1300  Anthracite
   RTEV-60130-SF  600 X 1300  Special Finish
   RTEV-90130-SL  900 X 1300 Silver
   RTEV-90130-SF  900 X 1300Special Finish
   RTEV-90130-AT  900 X 1300Anthracite


  1. Insert the spring mechanism inside the cabinet as shown in Fig.1.
  2. Fix the track on left side edge of the cabinet as shown in Fig.2.
  3. Similarly fix the Top track and Right track as shown in Fig.3 and Fig.4. respectively.
  4. Move the spring mechanism at the top position, front facing outside and draw the rolling shutter through left & right track. Refer Fig. 5, 6, 7.
  5. Locate the spring mechanism in its position and screw it as shown in Fig.8.
  6. Attach the end cap at the bottom of the left and right tack as shown in Fig.9.
  7. Slide the rolling shutter to ensure smooth working, Fig.10.


Model'A' mm
Roll Top Easy - Vertical160 Min


ItemItem CodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
QtyWeight QtyWeight 
Roll Top Easy - Vertical (with Overlay Rail & Cover Profile)  RTEV-45130-SL--13.8