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Solar Streetlights in Rural Palghar


Kolgaon & Nandore villages are located in Palghar district in Maharashtra, India. They are situated 8 km away from district headquarter Palghar. The combined population of these villages is 4016, not including pedestrians and other workers using the connecting roads in the nearby industrial area.

The objectives of the project were:
1. Increase safety and security on roadways thereby reducing the chances of accidents, thefts and other safety hazards for the local population. Villagers face a challenging commute at night due to lack of access to proper roads and streetlights. There are no streetlights on the main road to Kolgaon and Nandore and this is a safety issue especially for women and children.
2. Promote renewable sources for energy on main roads to ensure sustainable infrastructure facilities. Non-renewable sources of energy are expensive in the long run and are deemed unaffordable. Solar lights have proved to be effective in providing lighting facilities, especially in these villages. There is minimal maintenance of solar lights and the renewable source makes it cost-effective and an efficient way of providing energy.

Ebco and the Concern India Foundation identified these issues and the interventions were started with the help of our local partners. Community participation is a key to success of any intervention. Meetings were conducted with key stakeholders such as the Sarpanch of Kolgaon and Nandore, village committee members and other community people.

Kolgaon & Nandore village now have 82 solar streetlights on the roads connecting both villages as well as on the road to the railway crossing which leads to a main road. Over 3km of roads have been covered.


Health and Hygiene Intervention at Nandore and Kolgaon


As Menstrual hygiene and new COVID – 19 pandemic is a challenge in India, and these underprivileged communities at Nandore and Kolgaon, Palghar do not have easy access/cannot afford to buy sanitisers, masks and sanitary napkins due to their economic background. Ebco identified these issues and took an initiative together with Concern India Foundation to distribute free sanitisers and masks to underprivileged communities through ASHA and Aaganwadi workers. Sanitary napkins were also distributed to adolescent girls and were also educated about menstrual hygiene system and healthy habits that can be practiced.


Just for kicks Initiative


We are proud to be associated with Just For Kicks, an organization that aims to transform education in low-income schools by bringing football into the daily lives of children. Ebco owns the Elia Devils group of teams in Mumbai.The #JFKLeague2019 in #Mumbai witnessed over 1150 children competing and creating a powerful experience of success, failure, learning, growth, and celebration through the beautiful game of football.

Children who participate actively in sports are more engaged in school and learn important life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Launched in 2011 with the motto ‘Everyone Plays’, Just For Kicks works in schools to help children garner multiple benefits of leadership development using football as a medium through a flagship curriculum that combines life skills with football drills, students engage in year-round rigorous training, participate in national leagues and get scouted at games, gaining exposure to sport and competition simultaneously.

Just for Kicks works with 4000 children across Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Dharwad, Karnataka.

Glimpses of The #JFKLeague2019 in #Mumbai

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