Just for kicks Initiative


We are proud to be associated with Just For Kicks, an organization that aims to transform education in low-income schools by bringing football into the daily lives of children. Ebco owns the Elia Devils group of teams in Mumbai.The #JFKLeague2019 in #Mumbai witnessed over 1150 children competing and creating a powerful experience of success, failure, learning, growth, and celebration through the beautiful game of football.

Children who participate actively in sports are more engaged in school and learn important life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Launched in 2011 with the motto ‘Everyone Plays’, Just For Kicks works in schools to help children garner multiple benefits of leadership development using football as a medium through a flagship curriculum that combines life skills with football drills, students engage in year-round rigorous training, participate in national leagues and get scouted at games, gaining exposure to sport and competition simultaneously.

Just for Kicks works with 4000 children across Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Dharwad, Karnataka.

Glimpses of The #JFKLeague2019 in #Mumbai

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SOBO House of Music Initiative


We are proud to be associated with SOBO House of Music, an up and coming organization that scouts and nurtures musical talent in children, from an early age. Founded by talented and experienced musicians, this revolutionary school gives many future stars their start in the music industry.

SOBO House of Music show – Notes to Remember, gave children from our city of Mumbai, a platform to showcase their vocal talents.

Glimpses of "The Notes to Remember" Show


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