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Hi Slide 45 Dome Track

Hi Slide 45 Dome Track
Hi Slide 45 Dome Track
Hi Slide 45 Dome Track
Hi Slide 45 Dome Track
Hi Slide 45 Dome Track
  • For flush mounted sliding shutters.
  • Bottom dome track for smooth rolling.
  • Bottom running shutters up to 45Kgs.
  • System 32 Compatible.


Hi-Slide 45 (Dome Track ) for 1 ShutterHS-45-DT45 KgZinc White
Al. Track HS-45 / HS-45DT (Top)HS-45-AS-22.44 mAnodised Silver
HS-45-AS-33.66 m
Al. Track HS-45DT / HS-90DT (Bottom)HS-45-DT-AS-22.44 mAnodised Silver
HS-45-DT-AS-33.66 m
Soft Close Kit for HS-45 / 45DTHS-SCK2-40 Grey
Hi Slide Dome Twin Track bottomHSDT-TDT-22.44 mAnodised Silver
HSDT-TDT-33.66 m
  1. Cut a slot of 2mm wide & 6.5mm deep on bottom of cabinet, 8.5mm wide and 12.5mm deep slot on top of the cabinet and insert the dome track and top track into the slot at bottom and top of cabinet respectively, as shown in Fig. 2 & Fig. 3. For dimensions refer Fig. 1.
  2. Fit the catch with screws into the Top track as shown in Fig 4. For dimension refer Fig 1.
  3. Drill Ø35mm cavity 13mm deep on the bottom of the shutter as shown in Fig. 5 and screw the bottom guide. (Shutter thickness should be ranging from 16mm to 23mm).
  4. Fit the top guide and stopper onto the top side of the shutter as shown in Fig. 1. (Don’t tighten the screws fully. Screws should be free enough to slide the top guide down).
  5. Fit the stopper onto the top side of both the inner and outer shutter as shown in Fig 6. For dimensions refer Fig 1.
  6. Rest the bottom guide into the dome track by tilting as shown in Fig. 7. (Note: Always engage the outer shutter first).
  7. Slide the top guide up into the top track and tighten the screw as shown in Fig. 8.
ItemItem CodeSizeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Hi Slide 45 (Dome Track) for 1 ShutterHS-45-DT45 Kg1 Set0.228150 Sets34.20
Al. Track HS-45 / HS-45 DT (for Top)HS-45-AS-2---32 Nos9.34
HS-45-AS-3---35 Nos14.00
Al. Track HS-45 DT / HS-90 DT (for Bottom)HS-45-DT-AS-2---50 Nos13.00
HS-45-DT-AS-3---50 Nos19.00