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Sliding Window Latch

Sliding Window Latch
Sliding Window Latch
  • Ideal for 19mm (3/4") section.
  • Available as a pair for left and right hand sliding windows.
  • Designed to engage automatically with a spring loaded slide catch.
  • It also has a unique safety lock switch.
  • Also available with Cranked Hook for 25mm (1") section.
ModelCode Receiver PlateFinish
Sliding Window LatchSWL1SWL1-CBrown / Black / Window White / Silver / Champagne Gold
Sliding Window Latch - Slide CatchSWL4SWL4-C
Sliding Window Latch - Catch PlateSWL5SWL5-CP
  1. Body is fitted onto the sliding window shutter (Refer fig. 1).
  2. It is fitted into a cavity of 19mm x 172mm (Refer fig. 2).
  3. An opening of 13mm x 25mm is required in the width of the section for the catch to engage with the hook.
  4. Catch is fitted on the inside of the frame such that it engages with the hook when window is shut (Refer fig. 3).
  5. Hook can be unscrewed and shifted horizontally to suit different sections (Refer fig. 4).

ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.) 
Qty Weight Qty Weight 
Sliding Window Latch (with SWL1-C)SWL125 Pairs7.250 Pairs15
Sliding Window Latch - Slide Catch (with SWL4-C)SWL425 Pairs7.550 Pairs15.6
Sliding Window Latch - Cranked (with SWL5-CP)SWL525 Pairs750 Pairs 14.6