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Glass Door Handles

Glass Door Handles
Glass Door Handles
Glass Door Handles
Glass Door Handles
Glass Door Handles
  • Made out of SS 304
  • Can be reused.
  • For glass thickness from 6 to 12mm.

Code NoØDLWCFinish
H-GDH-2215Ø22 mm250 mm122 mm150 mmBrushed Steel
H-GDH-2520Ø25 mm300 mm135 mm200 mmBrushed Steel
H-GDH-2530 Ø25 mm450 mm134 mm300 mmBrushed Steel
H-GDH-3245Ø32 mm600 mm160 mm450 mmBrushed Steel
H-GDH-3275Ø32 mm1000 mm161 mm750 mmBrushed Steel


Code NoØDLWCFinish
D-GDH-1925Ø19 mm269 mm130 mm250 mmBrushed Steel
D-GDH-2230Ø22 mm322 mm133 mm300 mmBrushed Steel
D-GDH-2545Ø25 mm475 mm150 mm450 mmBrushed Steel
D-GDH-3260Ø32 mm632 mm164 mm600 mmBrushed Steel
ItemItem CodeSizeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Glass Door Handle - DD-GDH-1925Dia. 19mm x 250mm10.3723011.972
D-GDH-2230Dia. 22mm x 300mm10.4983016.075
D-GDH-2545Dia. 25mm x 450mm10.7422015.598
D-GDH-3260Dia. 32mm x 600mm11.154810.192
Glass Door Handle - HH-GDH-2215Dia. 22mm x 150mm10.572012.36
H-GDH-2520Dia. 25mm x 200mm10.583018.158
H-GDH-2530Dia. 25mm x 300mm10.7662016
H-GDH-3245Dia. 32mm x 450mm11.1621012.58
H-GDH-3275Dia. 32mm x 750mm11.70659.8