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Wood Sliding Folding System

Wood Sliding Folding System
Wood Sliding Folding System
  • Ideal for wood sliding folding doors.
  • Precision roller system has good loading bearing and life.
  • Bottom Track for smooth rolling.
  • Special guide roller provided to avoid noise while sliding
  • Minimum door thickness 40mm
  • Recommended to use Ebco concealed hinge 3D & Door hinge - SS304 with 4 ball bearing 
  • Load capacity: 60 kgs./Door.
Wood Sliding Folding System - Top Sliding AssemblyWSFS-TS

Min door thk - 40mm

Max door weight - 60 kg

Zinc White
Wood Sliding Folding System - Bottom Sliding AssemblyWSFS-BSZinc White
Top TrackSDF-AS-125M-22.44 metersAnodized Silver
SDF-AS-125M-33.66 metersAnodized Silver
Bottom TrackGSFF1-BT22.44 metersAnodized Silver
GSFF1-BT33.66 metersAnodized Silver
  1. Cut a slot of 20 x 18mm deep in base as shown in fig. 1 & fit the bottom track. Also fit the top track on top face in line with the bottom track.
  2. Cut the door sizes as shown in fig. 2
  3. Cut a cavity in the center of top side of door as per fig. 3 & screw in Top Sliding Assembly.
  4. Cut a cavity in the center of bottom side of door as per fig. 4 & screw in Bottom Sliding Assembly.
  5. Slide in the door assembly in top and bottom track.
  6. The door is hung on the sliding fitting and slim nut is tightened. Height adjustment of 8mm is available. (Ref. Fig. 1)
  7. Possible to create multiple door assembly using the recommended Ebco Concealed hinge 3D & with Door hinge - SS 304 with 2 Ball Bearing as shown in fig. 2 & 2A.