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Securite Drawer Lock

Securite Drawer Lock
Securite Drawer Lock
Securite Drawer Lock
Securite Drawer Lock
Securite Drawer Lock
  • Option of Dimple key, Wave key and Brass key to choose from
  • Master key system (Optional)
  • Stainless steel cover: Non-Magnetic and Rivet-less
  • Long latch for additional security
  • Click action mechanism
  • Reversible key insertion
ModelCodeSize (mm)Finish
Securite Drawer Lock (with Dimple Key)P-SRD-16D16Brushed Steel
Securite Drawer Lock Black (with Plastic Capped Dimple Key)P-SRD-20D-BL20Black
Securite Drawer Lock (with Brass Key)P-SRD-23D-BL16Brushed Steel
  • Align the marker (Top Flap) along the panel edge.
  • Mark the center point of the circle.
  • Drill Ø21mm hole.
  • Insert lock through the hole from the inner side of the panel.
  • Secure the lock onto the inner side of the panel by using the wood screws.
  • Fix the bezel in the front panel to cover the drilled hole.
  • Fix the locking bracket on the inner side of the top panel.
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing(Kgs.)
QtyWeight QtyWeight 
Securite Drawer Lock- with Dimple KeysP-SRD-23D10 Nos1.445100 Nos14.45
P-SRD-23D-S1010 Sets1.445100 Sets14.45
P-SRD-29D10 Nos1.53100 Nos15.3
Securite Drawer Lock - with Wave KeysP-SRD-23W10 Nos1.36100 Nos13.6
P-SRD-23W-S1010 Sets1.36100 Sets13.6
P-SRD-29W10 Nos1.475100 Nos14.75
  • Do not drop the lock or apply extreme force or even dismantle the lock.
  • Avoid the use of adhesives, in order to prevent the lock from malfunction.