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Self Tapping Inserts

Self Tapping Inserts
Self Tapping Inserts
  • Used to join furniture cabinets and cupboards of particle board
  • Utilize a damaged screw hole by using self tapping insert
  • Available in various sizes
ModelCodeSize (mm)'A''B''C'Finish
Self Tapping InsertsTN-410M4 x 10Ø 6Ø 9.04Zinc White
TN-420M4 x 20Ø 6Ø 9.04Zinc White
TN-611M6 x 11Ø 8Ø 12.76Zinc White
TN-613M6 x 13Ø 8Ø 12.76Zinc White
TNI-613M6 x 13Ø 8Ø 12.76Zinc White
TN-616M6 x 16Ø 8Ø 12.76Zinc White
TN-620M6 x 20Ø 8Ø 12.76Zinc White
TN-818M8 x 18Ø 10--Zinc White
TN-1020M10 x 20Ø12-10Zinc White

ModelCodeSize (mm)'A''B''C'Finish
Self Tapping Insert with CollarlessTN-C13M6 x 13Ø 8-6Zinz White
TN-C16M6 x 16Ø 8-6
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)

S.T. Insert / Collarless / Self Tapping Insert
TN4102500 Nos.2.810000 Nos12
TN4202500 Nos.4.810000 Nos20
TN6112500 Nos.5.210000 Nos21.5
TN6132000 Nos.4.92210000 Nos25.4
TN6162000 Nos.6.110000 Nos31.3
TN6201500 Nos.5.687500 Nos29.2
TN8181200 Nos.4.76000 Nos24.3
TNC132000 Nos. 4.5310000 Nos23.45
TNC162000 Nos.610000 Nos30.8