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Steelfix & Minifix

Steelfix & Minifix
Steelfix & Minifix
Steelfix & Minifix
Steelfix & Minifix
Steelfix & Minifix
Steelfix & Minifix
Steelfix & Minifix
  • Easy and rapid installation.
  • Half turn locking.
  • Cutter size: Ø15mm.
  • Flat pack C.K.D. fitting with pre-drilling.
  • Cap available for concealed fitting.
  • Housing available for 12, 16, 18 & 25 mm boards.
  • New Dowel Pin is push fit in an Ø8mm hole.
  • New Minifix screw diecast is available.
  • Also Available with double ended bolt and M6 threaded screw with M6 Dowel.
  • Rotor Screw is manufactured out of cold forged steel for strength, eliminating chances of breakage.
  • The multi - functional plastic enables the screw to be held while fixing with a pneumatic screw driver as well as a perfect fit in the pre - drilled hole.
  • Mitre Joint Connectors are ideal for joinery cabinets having Mitre using Minifix.
  • Mitre angles from 45° to 90° is possible.
  • Split Dowel-Mini fix pin is made out of forged steel for strength. Special grade of plastic for reusability.
  • Pin needs to be pushed for inserting and unscrewed for removing.
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
    HousingMF121000 Nos.4 Kgs.3000 Nos.12.7 Kgs.
   HousingMF161000 Nos.4.1 Kgs.3000 Nos.13 Kgs.
   HousingMF181000 Nos.4.7 Kgs.3000 Nos.14.8 Kgs.
Housing MF 251000 Nos.7 Kgs.3000 Nos.21.7 Kgs.
     7 mm Dia.ROTOR Screw *MFR71000 Nos.6 Kgs.3000 Nos.18.7 Kgs.
    Split Dowel - MinifixMFSD11000 Nos.6 Kgs.3000 Nos.18.7 Kgs.
     M6 Dowel - ø10 mmMFD6105000 Nos.3.5 Kgs.20000 Nos.14.7 Kgs.
     M6 Dowel - ø8 mmMFD60810000 Nos.3 Kgs.40000 Nos.12.7 Kgs.
     CapMFC110000 Nos.1.7 Kgs.40000 Nos.7.5 Kgs.
     Double End BoltMFBD68500 Nos.8.6 Kgs.1500 Nos.26.5 Kgs.
     Mitre Joint Connector MFMJ 44500 Nos.5.9 Kgs.1500 Nos.18.4 Kgs.
HousingMF 16(I) N2500.9701000039.4
Housing MF 18(I) N2501.0081000040.92
M6 Screw - EcoMFES M6(I)2501.548400025.168
7mm Dia Screw (I)MFS 7(I)2502.36400038.16
M6 Screw (I)MFS M6(I)2502.322400037.552
7mm Dia ROTOR Screw (I)MFR 7(I)2501.340400021.84
M6 ROTOR Screw (I)MFR M6(I)2501.330400021.68
M6 Dowel (I) - Ø10mmMFD 610(I)2500.1362000011.646
M6 Dowel(I) - Ø 8mmMFD 608(I)2500.12500010.766
MiniFix Dowel Expando - 611MFDE 611(I)2500.1282000011.006
Push FixPFS11000 Nos.7 Kgs.3000 Nos.21 Kgs.