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Glass Connectors

Glass Connectors
Glass Connectors
  • 90° Glass to Glass Connector
  • 135° Glass to Glass Connector
  • 180° Wall to Glass Connector
  • 3 Way Glass to Glass Connector
  • 90° Wall to Glass or Floor to Glass Connector
  • 135° Wall to Glass Connector
  • 90° Wall to Glass Connector
  • 180° Glass to Glass Connector
ItemItem CodeFinish
90° Wall to Glass or Floor to Glass ConnectorGC1-90-PPolished Steel
GC1-90-SBrushed Steel
90° Glass to Glass ConnectorGC1-90D-PPolished Steel
GC1-90D-SBrushed Steel
90° Wall to Glass ConnectorGC1-90S-PPolished Steel
GC1-90S-SBrushed Steel
135° Glass to Glass ConnectorGC1-135D-PPolished Steel
GC1-135D-SBrushed Steel
135° Wall to Glass ConnectorGC1-135S-PPolished Steel
GC1-135S-SBrushed Steel
180° Glass to Glass ConnectorGC1-180D-PPolished Steel
GC1-180D-SBrushed Steel
180° Wall to Glass ConnectorGC1-180S-PPolished Steel
GC1-180S-SBrushed Steel
3 Way Glass to Glass ConnectorGC1-3WD-PPolished Steel
GC1-3WD-SBrushed Steel


ItemItem CodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
          Qty               Weight             Qty        Weight
90° Wall to Glass or Floor to Glass ConnectorGC1-90-P1 Nos0.13200 Nos27
GC1-90-S1 Nos0.13200 Nos27
90° Glass to Glass ConnectorGC1-90D-P1 Nos0.23100 Nos24
GC1-90D-S1 Nos0.23100 Nos24
90° Wall to Glass ConnectorGC1-90S-P1 Nos0.17100 Nos18
GC1-90S-S1 Nos0.17100 Nos18
135° Glass to Glass ConnectorGC1-135D-P1 Nos0.232100 Nos24
GC1-135D-S1 Nos0.232100 Nos24
135° Wall to Glass ConnectorGC1-135S-P1 Nos0.17100 Nos18
GC1-135S-S1 Nos0.17100 Nos18
180° Glass to Glass ConnectorGC1-180D-P1 Nos0.25100 Nos26
GC1-180D-S1 Nos0.25100 Nos26
180° Wall to Glass ConnectorGC1-180S-P1 Nos0.182100 Nos20
GC1-180S-S1 Nos0.182100 Nos20
3 Way Glass to Glass Connector GC1-3WD-P1 Nos0.34850 Nos18
GC1-3WD-S1 Nos0.34850 Nos18