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Lock Core With 2 Keys / 3 Keys

Lock Core With 2 Keys / 3 Keys
Lock Core With 2 Keys / 3 Keys
  • Permits convenience of installation.
  • Standard Core applicable to any locks from Premium range
  • Provides innumerable combinations & flexibility.
Premium Series Cores with Regular (Non-folding) KeysP-LC1-RK-2-KeyNickel Plated
Lock Core with 2 KeysP-LC1
Lock Core with 2 Keys (5000 combination flip keys)P-LC2FL
Lock Core with 3 Keys (5000 Combination flip keys)P-LC3FL
MD Lock Bracket Kit- PremiumMDLK-P
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Qty Weight Qty Weight 
Lock Core with 2 Keys*P-LC1100 Nos2.9800 23.9
Lock Core with 2 keys  (5000 combination flip keys)P-LC2FL80 Nos2.66402

Lock Core with 3 keys (5000 combinations & flexibility)

P-LC3FL50 Nos.2.1400


  • Do not drop the lock or apply extreme force or even dismantle the lock.
  • Avoid the use of adhesives, in order to prevent the lock from malfunction.