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Pedestal Lock

Pedestal Lock
Pedestal Lock
  • Ideal for front mount, multi-drawer pedestal units.
  • Key removable in locked and unlocked position.
  • 180° rotary lifting pin movement.
  • Zinc alloy die-cast.


Pedestal LockMPL2-22Nickel Plated
Pedestal Lock with Metal KeyMPL2-22MNickel Plated
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Qty Weight Qty Weight 
Pedestal LockMPL2-2218 Nos1.4144 Nos11.9
Pedestal Lock with Metal KeyMPL2-22M18 Nos1.5144 Nos12.7
  • Do not drop the lock or apply extreme force or even dismantle the lock.
  • Avoid the use of adhesives, in order to prevent the lock from malfunction.