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Full Panel with 6mm Bottom Track Drawer Slide

Full Panel with 6mm Bottom Track  Drawer Slide
Full Panel with 6mm Bottom Track Drawer Slide
  • Simplifies construction of drawer as it eliminates the sides of drawers
  • Available with 6mm bottom track, easy to fit and helps in faster assembly, as it does not require screwing the bottom, using 6mm board in place of 9mm or 12mm.
  • Saves wood, labour and drawer space
  • Tilt & remove capability with guiding
  • ' Auto-Closing' of drawer
  • Front facia adjustment
  • Ribbed for strength
  • Precision rollers for smooth running
  • Load capability - 25kgs
  • 'System 32' compatible
  • Stopper prevents drawer from falling
  • Available with eccentric cam for facia height adjustment in 86mm and 125mm height Full Panel.
Full Panel With 6mm Bottom Track
Code Numbers / Height mmLength mmExtension mmFinish
FPDS54-30-6FPDS86-30-6FPDS125-30-6-300225 Ivory
  1. Side gap of 15.5 mm per side is required and acts as side panel of drawer. (Refer fig 1).
  2. Clearance of 25.4 mm from top edge of drawer required to tilt and remove drawer. (Refer fig 2).
  3. Fixed slide should be set by 2mm for auto-closing. (Refer fig 2).
  4. Eccentric cam for front facia height adjustment provided in 86 mm and 125 mm height full panels with 6mm bottom track (Refer Fig.3).
  5. Screws should be recessed to avoid fouling.
  6. Fixed slides should be fitted parallel and at equal height to each other.
  7. Front fascia is to be fitted into front brackets which have 2-way adjustment for alignment.

Drilling Diagram for Cabinet (6mm Bottom Track)







ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Full Panel with 6mm Bottom Track (Ht.54mm)FPDS54-30-6--30 sets20.030
FPDS54-35-6--30 sets23.340
FPDS54-40-6--30 sets26.670
FPDS54-45-6--30 sets29.800
FPDS54-50-6--30 sets32.480
Full Panel with 6mm Bottom Track (Ht.86mm)FPDS86-30-6--25 sets22.105
FPDS86-35-6--25 sets25.430
FPDS86-40-6--25 sets28.800
FPDS86-45-6--25 sets32.050
FPDS86-50-6--25 sets35.000
Full Panel with 6mm Bottom Track (Ht.125mm)FPDS125-30-6--15 sets17.030
FPDS125-35-6--15 sets19.600
FPDS125-37-6--15 sets19.485
FPDS125-40-6--15 sets22.220
FPDS125-45-6--15 sets24.620
FPDS125-50-6--15 sets27.930
FPDS125-55-6--15 sets29.600
Full Panel with 6mm Bottom Track (Ht.150mm)FPDS150-30-6--15 sets19.205
FPDS150-35-6--15 sets22.210
FPDS150-40-6--15 sets24.930
FPDS150-45-6--15 sets28.130
FPDS150-50-6--15 sets30.625


For efficiency and durability.

  • Strictly maintain side gap of 15.5 mm per side.
  • Fix slides parallel and at equal height.
  • Do not apply paint or polish.