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Thick Door Hinge

Thick Door Hinge
Thick Door Hinge
  • Available in Full Overlay, Half Overlay & Inset.
  • Max. Opening: 100°.
  • Max. Shutter size: 34" x 22"(850mm x 550mm) for 2 hinges.
  • Shutter Thickness: 18mm to 30mm.
  • Shutter cavity: Ø40mm, 14 deep, 4mm from edge.
  • Finish: Nickel Plated
ModelCodeType'A' mmSizeFinish
Thick Door Hinge Overlay, half Overlay & InsetHTD1Full Overlay40.0Ø 40 mmNickle Plated
HTD2Half Overlay40.0Ø 40 mm
HTD3Inset35.0Ø 40 mm
  1. Drill out the cavity in the shutter as per the dimensions in Fig. 1.
  2. Fit the cap into the shutter cavity and screw on the hinge at right angle to the edge of the shutter.
  3. Mark hole in the cabinet for mounting plate as per Fig.2 and screw on the mounting plate.
  4. Now, align the shutter with the cabinet and click-on to the mounting plate. Any play or gap in cabinet can be adjusted in the bracket.
  5. By loosening the bracket screws, the shutter can slide horizontally and also be pivoted for varying pressure.
Ebco Thick Door Hinge
Ebco Thick Door Hinge
Ebco Thick Door Hinge
ModelCode Inner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Thick Door Hinge OverlayHTD1--100 Sets17.404
Thick Door Hinge Half OverlayHTD2--100 Sets17.418
Thick Door Hinge InsetHTD3--100 Sets17.902

For efficiency and durability.

  • To avoid damage to hinge, do not force the door to exceed 100°.
  • Do not apply paint or polish.
  • Hinges must be parallel.
  • The hinges must not be hammered.