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Cupboard Latch

Cupboard Latch
Cupboard Latch
Cupboard Latch
Cupboard Latch
Cupboard Latch
  • Spring loaded for safety and smooth operations.
  • Cranked bolt with plate for internal fitting with external shutter.
  • Straight bolt with clip for external fitting with flush shutter.
  • Also, straight bolt with plate for internal fitting with recessed shutter.
ModelCodeInternal Cabinet Height (mm)Shutter TypeFor EngagingFinish
Straight Bolt 56mmLS-56370 to 500Recessed (Inset)ClipBlack & White Zinc Plated


Cranked Bolt 56mmLC-56460 to 580External (Overlay)Plate
Straight Bolt 96mm LS-96530 to 700Recessed (Inset)Clip
Cranked Bolt 96mmLC-96530 to 700External (Overlay)Plate
Straight Bolt 150mmLS-150530 to 700Recessed (Inset)Clip
Cranked Bolt 150mmLC-150530 to 700External (Overlay)Plate
Straight Bolt 56mm (SS 304)LS-56-SS370 to 500Recessed (Inset)Clip



SS 304

Cranked Bolt 56mm (SS 304)LC-56-SS460 to 580External (Overlay)Plate
Straight Bolt 96mm (SS 304)LS-96-SS530 to 700Recessed (Inset)Clip
Cranked Bolt 96mm (SS 304)LC-96-SS530 to 700External (Overlay)Plate
Straight Bolt 150mm (SS 304)LS-150-SS530 to 700Recessed (Inset)Clip
Cranked Bolt 150mm (SS 304)LC-150-SS530 to 700External (Overlay)Plate


Straight Bolt 56 mm56.03.08.0
Cranked Bolt 56 mm13.08.0
Straight Bolt 96 mm96.0010.0
Cranked Bolt 96 mm13.010.0
Straight Bolt 150 mm150.0012.0
Cranked Bolt 150 mm13.012.0
Ebco Latch
Ebco Latch
ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
Latch StraightLS-56250 Nos5.751000 Nos24
LS-96100 Nos4500 Nos21
LS-15080 Nos4.875400 Nos25.2
Latch Straight - SS 304LS-56-SS250 Nos6.121000 Nos25.3
LS-96-SS100 Nos4.2500 Nos22
LS-150-SS80 Nos4.8400 Nos25
Latch CrankedLC-56200 Nos51000 Nos26
LC-96100 Nos4.5500 Nos23.2
LC-15080 Nos5.1400 Nos26.3
Latch Cranked - SS 304LC-56-SS200 Nos5.21000 Nos27
LC-96-SS100 Nos4.4500 Nos23
LC-150-SS80 Nos5400 Nos26