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Door Stiffener

Door Stiffener
Door Stiffener
  • Adjustment located vertically at the center of the door.
  • Symmetrical working processes.
  • Fixing with screws.
  • Can be used in multiples for wider shutters.
  • Adjust the length using tool provided.
  • Cover for door stiffener is also available which is easy to fit, remove & re-use.
ModelCodeSize (mm)Finish
Door StiffenerDSTF12010mmAluminium / Black
Cover For Door StiffenerCDSTF16mmOpaline / Silver
  1. Cut the door stiffener strip to suit the height of the door as shown in Fig. 1
  2. Use two set of door stiffeners if width of door is more than 600mm
  3. Cut the round cavities in door shown in Fig. 2
  4. Cut a router of 3.5mm x 11 mm deep connecting the ø 26mm cavity as shown in Fig. 3
  5. Join the two rods using length adjuster
  6. Fit the assembly on shutter using self tapping screws provided
  7. Fit cover plates at appropriate distances using self tapping screws
  8. Fit Center cover, access to the holes on length adjuster can be made through the oval slot in the center cover
  9. Adjust the bend in shutter by relvolving the length adjuster by using the key as shown in Fig. 4



ModelCodeInner Packing (Kgs.)Outer Packing (Kgs.)
QtyWeight QtyWeight 
Door StiffenerDSTF1--10 Sets7.2
Cover for Door StiffenerCDSTF15 Nos.0.1255 Nos.0.125