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Door Opener Pedal

Door Opener Pedal
Door Opener Pedal
  • Prevents contamination and spread of germs/viruses.
  • Wall bumper to protect the wall from damage.
  • Eliminate the use of hand to open the door.
  • Suitable for multiple applications such as Offices, hospitals, meeting rooms, residential, retail outlets, etc.
  • Curved tooth design ensures a better grip.
  • To be used in commercial latch-less doors.
  • Available in Black and Silver finish.
ModelCodeFinishSize (mm)
Door Opener PedalDOP1Anodised Black / Anodised SIlver30 x 80 x 90


  1. Fit the door opener pedal onto the bottom of latchless door using screws provided as shown in fig. 1. For details refer drilling diagram.
  2. Open the door with the help of legs by pushing or pulling as shown in fig.1