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Door Closer - Pelmet Arm

Door Closer - Pelmet Arm
Door Closer - Pelmet Arm
Door Closer - Pelmet Arm
Door Closer - Pelmet Arm
Door Closer - Pelmet Arm
  • Load adjustment from 30kgs to 80kgs.
  • Door width from 500mm to 1000mm.
  • Max.opening angle - 130º.
  • Hold open facility.
  • Latching and closing speed adjust valve.
  • 3,00,000 cycles tested.
  • Compatible with left and right door.
                  Model   Code     Load Adjustment   Finish
   Door Closer - Pelmet Arm DCP-80         30kg - 80 kg  Silver



First, the door mounted vertically steps:

1. According to need to install the appropriate mounting template cut, pasted on the door frame

2. According to the mounting template with drill location bottom hole drilled screws (wood doors: Ø3.5; Metal doors: Ø 4.2, Ø 5.1 and attack M5, M6 thread)

3. Remove the primary arm and the adjustable arm. The main arm perpendicular to the body behind closed doors, mortise and tenon mounted on the shaft and with a combination of screw fastening

4. According to drilled mounting holes, the door closer body and adjustable arm bearings are mounted on the door or door frame and tighten

5. A main arm adjustable arm angle perpendicular to the door assembly together with flat washers and tighten the screws (screw length can be adjusted to complete the assembly) and then tighten the screw on the nut

6. Install the decoration panel, the dust cover on the shaft of another cover

Standard Installation: The left-hand side vertical sliding door installation template:(Right-hand side vertical sliding door left side of the mounting template and the template in the opposite direction)

Uninstall form: The left-hand side of the door and vertical mounting template. (Right-hand side of the door with his left hand to push the vertical mounting template side door in the opposite direction)


Second, The rail installation steps:

1. According to the size of the installation diagram on the door closer body and slide with a self- tapping screw fastening (if metal door installed after the first drilling tapping screw fastening)

2. The rocker arm shaft is mounted on the square hole mortise and tenon, and use the rocker arm body intersects with closers 15 degrees, and then use a combination of screw fastening

3. The door opened at an angle, the arm shaft is rotated in the closing direction and then connected with a hex screw and slide the arm connected 

4. According to the choice of the angle of the door stop, the locking block is locked in the corresponding position on the rail.

5. Fitted with decorative panels the dust cover on another shaft

Third, Door Closers speed adjustment:

1. a) Speed control valve is closed 

    b) The control valve counter-clockwise to increase faster, control valve clockwise to slow down

Fourth, stop door ang;e adjustments:

Set screws loose lock on the block, move the lock block to the desired position, the locking set screw can be screwed on the block



1. The front door is not installed, non-flip shaft mortise and tenon

2. The installation arm can not be beat over power shaft mortise and tenon

3. Behind closed doors with automatic closing function, non-forcible door closing force

4. Half a month after use, all departments should tighten the screws again

5. Pay attention to the annual summer and winter speed regulation

When the governor is prohibited to spin out of control valve body outer door closers